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Holes are taped or foamed
Blowing side walls
Because it's the law!
Lead safe practices
"I'm not really scared!" Looks nice, doesn't it! Flap allows access to directions looks nice & does the job!
Insulating a crawlspace-R8 vinyl back insulation
Insulating a crawlspace- Finished Product
Insulating a hot water tank-using R8 vinyl back
Sealing duct work using clear caulk
not as pretty as clear caulk but very efficient not as pretty as clear caulk but very effective
Floored attic when baffels are not needed
Sealing duct work using Mastic
Required if house was painted with lead based paint We tape every seam! Not as good as mortar but very cost effective
Insulation duct work
Insulation duct work
Foam seal for cracks
seal seams with foam & tape It's sealed tight! Neat & well done!  
Visquine crawl space floors
Insulate crawl space walls-R11 vinyl back insul.
Insulating crawl space walls-Finished Product
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